Sarbaraj Rai (6067)

1983 The idea of intake is like the herb of the forest. It is a good and reliable medicine for those who understand and recognize it, but it is a common weed for those who do not recognize it. What to do with only being good and good medicine, after not knowing the medicine by heart, and not being able to distinguish between medicine and weeds, it is becoming human weakness. But 1983 Intake is a place to deliver a clean, emotional message.

When a person crosses a river with the help of a stick, then he forgets all the properties of the stick and throws away the same stick. Really defined by needs and interests, isn’t it? What I want to say is that you are where we are, what you are doing. By the grace of God, the blessings of father and mother and the auspicious start of 1983 intake. In order that we should never forget our existence, positive steps have been initiated by forming a working committee to organize and sensitize the 1983 intake.

In view of this emotional thought, the current working committee of 1983 Intake cooperates with all the numbers and families abroad, and joins them under one umbrella, with the necessary support and advice, and it is the desire of all of us to move forward hand in hand with all the numberies. Keeping this positive proportional idea in mind, we have been organizing annual gatherings every year, talking about old times during the gathering, and celebrating the annual numberi vhela in different ways.

It has been informed that the annual gathering (vhela) of the year 2024 will be held on 17th August 2024 Saturday, as in previous years. 17 months ago, they have been informed by issuing a notice. Now, with positive thinking, thoughts and conclusions are turned into reality, bold thoughts are like a beautiful flower, and we are politely requested to prepare the environment. The most beautiful flower in the world is the emotional heart and faith, which is not in the ground, but in the soul.

Therefore, wide as the ocean and clean and high as Mt. Mount Everest, not in the diary, but in the heart with a positive mind and mind. As the upcoming annual gathering of 1983 intake will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2024, we sincerely request you to attend this auspicious day in your heart.

Many thanks,

Intake 1983

Central Committee