An introduction to Intake 1983

Sarbaraj Rai (6067)

Many young heroic Gorkha youth who wants to sacrifice their life serving their mother land by protecting its national integrity and sovereignty. They have willingness to work for social, economic, moral, and cultural development by putting their patriotism up front. Despite their aspiration and desire for their nation, many youths at a very young age choose to join the British Army in search of a well-paid; well facilitated job opportunity. Based on the value and norms of the Golden tripartite treaty between Nepal, India, and the British government in 1857 , many heroic Gorkha youths faced many challenges and obstacles, and work very hard to be recruited as the British Army.

Every year the British Army recruits many intakes based on the Tripartite Agreement. 1983 intake is one of the main intakes based on that agreement. The 1983 intake went through different types of tough challenges and competition within different regions of Nepal to be in the British Army. Trained in seeking and 11 months of hard training in Hong Kong 1983 Intake received army number immediately after their recruitment, Known as the ‘Numberi’, 490 soldiers are associated with the glorious 1983 intake and have British Army numbers from 21165725 to 21166214. The 1983 intake carries a great purpose of development in every part of society from all aspects to bring positive change.

With the present environment of the 21st century, 1983 intake gives priority to society with Great Spirit and purpose. Based on the principle of “Numberi” as a unity, the website of 1983 intake is created to serve all the members of the intake. Bringing everyone under one umbrella to join hands together, its mission is to make the bond stronger, helping and supporting Numberi’s family in forthcoming problems and difficulties, making everyone feels close, to increase the sense of belonging and to maintain brotherhood and friendship between the Numberi’s families. This website of 1983 Intake has been created to provide clear, correct and required information in a quick and easy manner to all Numberi’s families. This website has a great purpose of keeping 1983 intake together.

Since the establishment of the 1983 Intake, every Numberis’ played a very important and vital role from their respected fields keeping and continuing honourable 1983 Intake’s principle, integrity, ideas, and unity forward.

In this sense, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you. We believe that this website will be a great history and a very important record for the families of 1983 Intake. We have full confidence that published information on this website will help everyone to know our history and helps us to preserve our historic identity.

We strongly believe this website will become a great guide for our future generations including us. 1983 intakes expect Every Numberi’s to joins hands together for secure and better future.This is also the belief of the 1983 intake. At last, we express prosperous, healthy, and intellectual well being of all the 1983 intake.

With warm regards,
Jay hos Intake 1983